Which type of boiler can be used in thermal power plants

Depending on the type of fuel used such as Coal, Oil, Gas different types of boilers can be used.

In most of the cases, these are tangentially fired boiler. Further the designs of boiler are different for sub-critical & Super-critical technology.

Boilers are Classified into different types

Based on Tube Content
1.Shell Type
2.Fire Tube
3.Water Tube
1.Utility Boilers or Power Boilers
2.Industrial or Process Steam Boilers

Operating Pressure
1.Sub Critical Boiler
2.Super Critical Boiler
Fuel Used
1.Solid Fuel Fired
2.Stoker Fired Boilers
3.Pulverised Fuel Fired Boilers
4.Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers
5.Oil Fired
6.Gas Fired Boilers

Boiler Settings
1.Single Pass Boilers
2.Multi Pass Boilers