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Main applications of steam boilers:

1. Boilers are used mainly in power plant for generating high pressure steam to produce electricity. In power plant high pressure steam is expanded through nozzles to run steam turbine which generates electricity.

2. In cold countries hot water producing boilers are used for heating the buildings.

3. Boilers also find its application in textile industries for sizing and bleaching, and many other industries like sugar mills and chemical industries.

Zhengzhou Boiler Group is a leading resource for design, innovation, manufacture and commissioning of steam boilers, with decades of experience in serving diverse industries. ZBG has the necessary presence, competence and solutions to provide a broad range of technologies across major industries. Whatever be your field of industry, ZBG can help you meet your energy demands with improved cost efficiencies.

Major client industries of ZBG are:


1.Sugar industry,paper$pulp industry ,plywood industry ,refineries industry ,power generation,textile industry,distilleries&breweries industry,oil and gas,paints industry.

2.Packing industry,diary industry,forgings,soap plant,Mentha,Tea

3.3.Food Processing,Cements plant,Rice plant,Pharma,Steel&spong Iron,Glass,Rubber plant,Solvent extraction,AAC bric plant

4.Poultry&cattle feed,Automobiles,Beverages,Katha,Leather,Chemical industry.