2 TON Wns Series Oil Gas Boiler Manual

wns oil gas fired boiler

wns oil gas fired boiler

1. Product brief

It is a full-automatic, horizontal type, internally fired, three pass, packaged oil boiler while the boiler type is WNS2-1.0-Y、Q. The wet back structure is adopted while the wave-shaped furnace makes the first pass, the threaded flue makes the second, and the smooth flue makes the last. The perfect full-automatic control device and protect equipments are equipped to regulate the water level automatically and to warn or shutdown while the water level higher or lower the demand level. The steam pressure automatic control device warn at the time of overpressure. Automatic-ignition device, auto- adjusted burner fire and protection while flameout will guarantee the safe running of the boiler.

wns oil gas fired boiler
wns oil gas fired boiler

The fuel of the boiler is oil or gas. The fuel is blown out from the burner, then be light by the electronic igniter and burning with lower positive pressure in the furnace. The high temperature gas in the reburning chamber flows into the second pass with a 180-degree turn; Then the gas makes a 180-degree turn in the front gas box and flows into the third pass; then flows into the economizer through the back gas box; at last, flows into the chimney and into the air

Boiler main standards and design parameters

1. evaporating capacity 2 t/h

2. steam pressure 1 MPa

3. steam temperature 184 ℃

4. feed-water temperature 20 ℃

5. design efficiency 92.5 %/92.8%

6. design fuel Oil、natural gas

7. fuel consumption 134.9 kg/h、164.1 Nm3/h

8. heating area boiler body 56.48 m2 ,economizer20.66 m2

9 . fume exhaust temperature 138.7℃/125.5℃

10. :ventilation system balance ventilation

11. hydraulic test pressure 1.40MPa

12. metal consumption 7.07 t

13. transport weight of large part 6.6 t

14.the transport size of large part 3900×2030×2240 (mm)

15. boiler safe steady working condition range

heat load 50%-100%。

16. excess air coefficient at exhaust port 1.08

Brief introduction of the product structure

The general form of the boiler is furnace at the bottom and gas tube and furnace arranged symmetrically.The drum are made from theФ1600×10 cylindrical shell and Ф1600×14 front and back tube sheets.The corrugated furnace makes the first pass, which contains two pieces corrugated furnaces and two pieces conical furnaces.The type of corrugated furnace is 650×10.The corrugated furnace can increase the heating area ,strengthen the furnace and can also meet the furnace’s free expansion while be heated.Reburning chamber is made from the Ф1100×14 cylindrical shell andФ1100×14 inter front and inter back tube sheets.The wet back structure can efficiently protect the back gas box from the high temperature and improve the running dependability of the boiler. The second pass are composed of 85 spirally corrugated tubes of

Ф51×3, which can improve the heat transmission and decrease the heating area,and make the boiler structure more compact and save steel consumption.The third return is composed of 54 naked tube of 51×3 for the smoke temperature of the third return is lower, compare with spirally corrugated tubes, it has little effect on heat transfer, but can greatly reduce flow resistance.

The front and back gas box,at the top of which is arch-off doors, adopt the whole structure.The arch-off doors characterized by its integral and organic whole,beautiful,elegant,and easy to open while overhaul.

The economizer is composed of spiral finned tubes which are arranged 3 rows in the direction of the breadth and 12 rows in the direction of the end-wise. The water flows into through one entrance while flows out through another one export. The economizer can efficiently lower the outlet gas temperature, improve the boiler efficiency,and is also with good resistant qualities.The economizer can be assembled and transported in a whole.

The chimney are manufactured with hight of 8 meters.The actual height of chimney are determined by demands in EIS authorized by local environment protect departments, but must not be less than 8m.

Instruction about safety valves,auxiliary machine and controls

The boiler is assembled with two full open safety valves of A48H-150LBC (1 1/2″).

The burner is imported from the foreign countries which is beautiful and supermatic . The pre-ventilation phase, light, automatic exchange of fire, automatic shutdown and flame-out protection can all be controlled automatically.

The water level gauge, water level controller, water level alarm, pressure gauges, electric contact pressure gauges and pressure controller are assembled to monitor and control the water level and pressure efficiently.The boiler has high and low water level alarm function.